Eltra EH17M1000S5/30RS6,35X6PR2 Incremental encoder

Eltra EH17M1000S5/30RS6,35X6PR2
Item Number: EH17M1000S5/30RS6,35X6PR2

Incremental miniaturized kit encoder.

Total price: 103.80
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Incremental miniaturized kit encoder. Encoder size 17M. Without zero pulse. Resolution: 1000 ppr.

Series of miniaturized encoder (? 17 mm) for integration on small size AC/DC motors, stepper engines or for limited dimension operations. The series has been improved with a significant increase of resolution 5000 ppr, temperature band -20... +83 °C and rotation speed (10.000 rpm), while keeping the features of easy assembly and no wear. No abrasion thanks to the absence of bearings and simple assembly.


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