Eltra EH30M200Z5L6X6PR1-5
Incremental encoder

Eltra EH30M200Z5L6X6PR1-5

Incremental miniaturized kit encoder

Item Number: EH30M200Z5L6X6PR1-5
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  • No wear because of absence of bearings.
  • Mini encoder with fixing holes (kit type).
  • NPN electrical interface. It consists of NPN transistor and a pull-up resistor. 
  • Used in order to match the output voltage to the power supply when the transistor is off.
  • With zero pulse.
  • 6,35 mm hollow bore encoder (diameter).
  • For integration on small AC/DC and stepper motors. Ideal for use in limited spaces.
  • Compact size and easy assemly.


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