Eltra EH38A500S5/28P4X3PR3.080 Incremental encoder with solid shaft

Eltra EH38A500S5/28P4X3PR3.080
Item Number: EH38A500S5/28P4X3PR3.080

Solid shaft miniaturized incremental encoder with clamping flange (diam. 20mm)

Total price: 121.00
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Eltra EH 38 is a solid shaft miniaturized incremental device with clamping flange. Encoder size 38 mm. With zero pulse. Resolution: 500 ppr.


  • Series: incremental encoder EH ;
  • Model: 38A with clamping flange Ø20 ;
  • Resolution[ppr]: 500  ;
  • Zero pulse: with zero pulse  ;
  • Power suply[V]: 5...28 DC  ;
  • Electrical interface: push-pull ;
  • Shaft diameter[mm]: 4  ;
  • Max rotation speed[rpm]: 3000 ;
  • Output type: radial cable.

Encoder size is 38 mm. Device has several options for output type.

The Eltra EH 38A miniaturized encoders are products that are frequently used in power automation applications for measuring, rating, length and other multipurpose uses. The Eltra have undergone wide and rigorous testing under rigorous circumstances and quality of the products can be rigorously guaranteed. The Eltra encoders are broadly widely in motors, machines metallurgy, metallurgy, printing machinery, so on.


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