Eltra EH38B500Z5L6X3PR5
Incremental encoder

Eltra EH38B500Z5L6X3PR5
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Solid shaft miniaturized incremental encoder with Centering square flange (diam. 20 mm)
Item Number: EH38B500Z5L6X3PR5
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Solid shaft miniaturized incremental encoder with Centering square flange (diam. 20 mm) Encoder size 38 mm. With zero pulse. Resolution: 500 ppr.

EH 38 B Miniaturized Eltra product is a diminutive series (? 38 mm) high resolution incremental encoder suited for industrial applying. Incremental encoder counts rotary, velocity and boost by reading the number of pulses transmitted from the output circuit, but the value of zero is reset on each new beginning. Incremental encoders are utilized extensively in instruments, instrumentation, test and control apparatus, pilotless transportation systems, cleaning systems and cleaning machines, doors and gates.

Precision takes center stage with the EH38B500Z5L6X3PR5 optical hollow shaft incremental encoder. Engineered for excellence, this encoder ensures accurate position tracking in diverse industrial applications. Its innovative hollow shaft design optimizes space without compromising performance, making it an ideal choice for machinery with stringent space constraints. The encoder's robust construction guarantees durability in challenging environments, establishing it as a reliable solution for industrial automation. Embrace the future of motion sensing technology with this high-performance encoder.

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