Eltra EH38D360Z8/24P6X3PR2
Incremental encoder

Eltra EH38D360Z8/24P6X3PR2
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Solid shaft miniaturized incremental encoder with centering square flange (diam. 17,46 mm)
Item Number: EH38D360Z8/24P6X3PR2
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Solid shaft miniaturized incremental encoder with centering square flange (diam. 17,46 mm) Encoder size 38 mm. With zero pulse. Resolution: 360 ppr.

EH38D miniature encoder model with 38 mm size, solid shaft. Designed for the majority of requirements. The incremental encoders are utilized to give feedback of motor speeds for a selection of demands inter alia servo drives, simple industry motors and heavy manufacturing motors. These encoders are restricted to supply information about the change, as a result of which the encoder requires an additional appliance for motion-counting.

Precision meets innovation in the EH38D360Z8/24P6X3PR2 optical incremental encoder. Designed for excellence, this encoder provides accurate position feedback with cutting-edge technology. Its robust construction ensures durability in challenging industrial environments, making it a reliable choice for a variety of applications. The encoder's seamless integration capabilities and adaptability to different machinery configurations make it an essential component in the quest for efficient and automated industrial processes. Elevate your motion sensing capabilities with this high-performance encoder, setting a new benchmark for precision and reliability.

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