Eltra EH53A1024S8/24L8X6PR1-5 Incremental encoder

Eltra EH53A1024S8/24L8X6PR1-5
Item Number: EH53A1024S8/24L8X6PR1-5

Blind hollow shaft incremental encoder with adjustable flange.

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Eltra models of eh53a type are manufactured for installation directly on meausring objects. This category includes incremental optical encoders with hollow shaft. Device coupling is performed by adjustable flange.

Presented devices have integral elastic coupling. Such function allows radial and axial shaft play. It has 2 ball bearings made of. Shaft is manufactured of stainless steel.

Eltra EH53 A/B is series of encoders which is installed straight on engines and have high velocity. The built-in elastic clutch allows indemnification of axial and radial play. Some types of flanges and conclusions are available. ELTRA Encoder Eltra has the highest relation of value and quality.


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