Eltra EH53A500S8/24P10X6PR.N
Incremental encoder

Eltra EH53A500S8/24P10X6PR.N
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Blind hollow shaft incremental encoder with adjustable flange.
Item Number: EH53A500S8/24P10X6PR.N
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Blind hollow shaft incremental encoder with adjustable flange. Encoder size 53 mm. Without zero pulse. Resolution: 500 ppr.

Eltra Encoder is a high-technology unit for computing the movements of objects, described by a rotational cycle, which allows it possible to determine the position of a shaft or axis of motion. EH 53 high-speed encoder device is to be direct mounting on motors. An integrated flexible coupling compensates for axial and radial clearance. Some flanges and output types provided, supplying up to 24 VDC.

Optimize your motion control systems with the EH53A500S8/24P10X6PR.N optical incremental encoder. Featuring a hollow shaft for seamless integration, this encoder ensures accurate position feedback. Trust in its reliability and advanced features to enhance the efficiency of your control systems in various industrial applications.

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