Eltra EH53A500Z8/24P6X6PR+M.N
Incremental encoder

Eltra EH53A500Z8/24P6X6PR+M.N
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Blind hollow shaft incremental encoder with adjustable flange.

Item Number: EH53A500Z8/24P6X6PR+M.N
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Blind hollow shaft incremental encoder with adjustable flange. Encoder size 53 mm. With zero pulse. Resolution: 500 ppr.

Incremental encoders EH 53 A-B are designed to quickly define the angle of turn of an axis or shaft of a spinning object by consistently issuing a pulse digital signal code. Major advantages of this line of devices are reliability, durability, easy to installation and use. The Eltra EH53 encoders is broad applied in defining the nominal gross speed, provided that it is not necessary to power up in order to retain the angle absolute position.

Elevate your motion control systems with the EH53A500Z8/24P6X6PR+M.N optical incremental encoder. Crafted with a hollow shaft for seamless integration, this encoder ensures accurate position feedback in various industrial applications. Trust in its reliability and advanced features to optimize the performance of your control systems, providing a foundation for precision and efficiency.

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