Eltra EH80C1024Z5/28L10X3PR

Incremental hollow shaft encoder
Eltra EH80C1024Z5/28L10X3PR
191.00 EUR

ELTRA EH80C1024Z5/28L10X3PR
Blind hollow shaft incremental encoder.
Several output types available.

  • Size: 80mm.

  • Resolution: 1024ppr.

  • Power supply: 5 - 28 V DC

  • Max rotation speed: 3000rpm.

  • Output type for incremental signals: line driver.

  • Bore diameter: 10mm.

  • With zero pulse.

  • Enclosure: IP54.

  • Radial cable output type with standart length (0.3m).

Series is recommended for AC servomotor (in feedback control systems).