Eltra EH80C1024Z5L14X3MR.197+661
Incremental encoder

Eltra EH80C1024Z5L14X3MR.197+661

Incremental encoder

Item Number: EH80C1024Z5L14X3MR.197+661
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  • Blind hollow shaft incremental encoder

  • Encoder size 80 mm

  • With zero pulse

  • Resolution: 1024 ppr.

EH - EF 80 C series is advised for loopback applications of AC servomotors. These encoders have a wide resolution range and small sizes. EH - EF 80 C contains a standard encoder incremental and the Hall effects phases. The EH 80 series are a basic option with incremental exits. Multiple output types possible. EL models are an optic generation of “Hall effect phases” added to the basic release. The signal is transmitted through a parallel bus.


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