Eltra EH80K1024Z5/28L10X6PR0-7.942
Incremental encoder

Eltra EH80K1024Z5/28L10X6PR0-7.942
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Blind hollow shaft incremental encoder with rear fixing.
Item Number: EH80K1024Z5/28L10X6PR0-7.942
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Blind hollow shaft incremental encoder with rear fixing. Encoder size 80 mm. With zero pulse. Resolution: 1024 ppr.

EH - EF 80 K series is utilized for AC servomotor of feedback. They have a broad variety of resolving power and small size. They include a traditional incremental encoder and the Hall effect phases (EF line) and base version with incremental exit. The basic models add Hall-Effect Phases optical generation. Signal transmission takes place through a bus in parallel.

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