Eltra EH80K1024Z8/24L10X6PR0,7.942
Incremental hollow shaft encoder

Eltra EH80K1024Z8/24L10X6PR0,7.942
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Item Number: EH80K1024Z8/24L10X6PR0,7.942
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Updated model EH80K1024Z5/28L10X6PR0,7.942

Incremental rotary encoder with blind hollow shaft 

  • Size: 80mm.
  • Blind hollow shaft with rear fixing.
  • Resolution: 1024ppr.
  • With zero pulse.
  • Power supply: 8 - 24 V DC (available only with L or PC electronic output).
  • Output type for incremental signals: line driver.
  • Bore diameter: 10mm.
  • Enclosure rating: IP54.
  • Max rotation speed: 6000rpm.
  • Output type: radial cable output (standard length 0.3 m)

Series is recommended for AC servomotor of feedback systems.

Eltra EH-EF 80K models is utilized for AC feedback servomotors. They offer a large range of resolving power and compact size. They include a conventional incremental encoder and the Hall effect phases and standard model with incremental outputs. The base models append Hall-Effect Phases optical generation. Transmission of the signal takes place over a parallel bus.

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