Eltra EH80P1024S5L15X3PR4.269
Optical Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoder

Eltra EH80P1024S5L15X3PR4.269
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Item Number: EH80P1024S5L15X3PR4.269
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  • Encoder for feedback control systems of AC servo motors.
  • With through hollow shaft.
  • Mounting by anti-rotation pin.
  • Differential Line Driver.
  • Receiver and data trasmiter work on two complementary channels so disturbances are limited.
  • Without zero pulse.
  • 15 mm hollow bore encoder (diameter).
  • Sturdy high quality quadrature encoder.
  • Shaft from stainless steel. Housing from glass fiber.

The EH80P1024S5L15X3PR4.269 Optical Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoder combines advanced engineering with a user-friendly design. Offering accurate measurements and consistent performance, this encoder is a reliable choice for demanding industrial environments. The hollow shaft design adds flexibility to the installation process, ensuring seamless integration into diverse setups.


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