Eltra EH80P2048Z5L15X3PR1 Incremental encoder

Eltra EH80P2048Z5L15X3PR1
Item Number: EH80P2048Z5L15X3PR1
Through hollow shaft incremental encoder.
Total price: 378.00
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Through hollow shaft incremental encoder. Encoder size 80 mm. With zero pulse. Resolution: 2048 ppr.

The EH-EF 80P encoder models records rotary, speed and accelerating motion by sensing the count of pulses delivered by the circuit outputs. This series has a variety of heavy duty, high-speed and hall effect encoders. This product calculates the quantity of impulses coming by the circuit output and detects rotation and acceleration values. These encoders are restricted to report change information only, so the encoder extra requires a motion-tally unit.


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