Eltra EH88P1024Z8/24L30S3PR
Incremental hollow shaft encoder

Eltra EH88P1024Z8/24L30S3PR
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Motor Series.

Item Number: EH88P1024Z8/24L30S3PR
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ELTRA EH88P1024Z8/24L30S3PR
Hollow shaft incremental encoders.
Motor Series.

Size: 88mm.
Through hollow shaft with spring
Resolution: 1024ppr.
With zero pulse.
Power supply: 8 - 24 V DC.
Output type for incremental signals: line driver.
Bore diameter: 30 mm.
Enclosure rating: IP65.
Max rotation speed: 3000rpm.
Output type: radial cable output with cable gland (standard length 0,5 m)

Series is recommended for AC servomotor feedback systems.

Eltra EH-EL 88P is a series with hollow shaft. It is acceptable for middle size induction motors. The encoders stand out by simple installation, several outputs, rugged electronics. The ELTRA products are high quality and is reliable. Excellent for scanning the rotary motion of servo drives. This models stands out due to the interchangeability of the dimension 15 resolver, which simplifies setup and mounting.

Unlock precision in motion with the EH88P1024Z8/24L30S3PR optical incremental encoder. Featuring a hollow shaft design, this encoder ensures seamless integration and accurate position feedback. Trust in its reliability and advanced features to optimize the performance of your control systems in diverse industrial applications.

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