Eltra EH88PE1024Z8/24L38X3PR
Incremental hollow shaft encoder

Eltra EH88PE1024Z8/24L38X3PR
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Incremental encoder. Motor series.
Through hollow shaft with tether.

Item Number: EH88PE1024Z8/24L38X3PR
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  • Size: 88mm.
  • Resolution: 1024 ppr.
  • With zero pulse.
  • Power Supply: 8 ... 24 V DC.
  • Electronic interface: line driver.
  • Bore diameter: 38mm.
  • Enclosure rating: IP 54.
  • Rotation speed: 3000 rpm max.
  • Cable output radial with cable gland.

Series is recommended for asynchronous motors.

The EH88 PE/PET models is perfect for economical work with asynchronous motors. EH 88 PE PET is best for suits for lifting and staging applications. The PE/PET series is designed with a rugged frame and 40 mm hole size. It is also able of outputting up to 2500 ppr resolution with a Z reference signal. The encoder is unaffected by noise, so accurate axis setting is not required.

Step into the future of precision control with the EH88PE1024Z8/24L38X3PR optical incremental encoder. Engineered with a hollow shaft for seamless integration, this encoder ensures accurate position feedback, setting the stage for enhanced motion control in diverse industrial applications.

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