Eltra EL38F16384Z5/28L6X3PR3
Incremental encoder

Eltra EL38F16384Z5/28L6X3PR3
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Blind hollow shaft optical incremental encoder with stator coupling.

Item Number: EL38F16384Z5/28L6X3PR3
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Blind hollow shaft optical incremental encoder with stator coupling. Encoder size 38 mm. With zero pulse.

EL 38 - ER 38 models are a miniaturized encoder for general use. Encoders give accurate alignment of the drive and other machinery of machines tools, apparatus, units, any industry equipment. They have perfect resolution and can be mounted in variety of industrial areas. The ELTRA encoders is especially designed by qualified specialists and meets all EU and International standards of quality.

Experience precision in motion with the EL38F16384Z5/28L6X3PR3 optical incremental encoder. Featuring a hollow shaft for seamless integration, this encoder ensures accurate position feedback in various industrial applications. Trust in its reliability and advanced features to optimize the performance of your control systems, providing a foundation for precision and efficiency.

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