Eltra EL40G20S5/28P6X3PA0,3+M12.162
Incremental solid shaft encoder

Eltra EL40G20S5/28P6X3PA0,3+M12.162
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Incremental miniaturized encoder with solid shaft.
Several output types available.

Item Number: EL40G20S5/28P6X3PA0,3+M12.162
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Incremental miniaturized encoder with solid shaft.

Size: 40mm.
Resolution: 20 ppr.
Without zero pulse.
Power supply: 5 - 28 V DC.
Output type for incremental signals: push-pull
Bore diameter: 6mm.
Enclosure rating: IP54.
Max rotation speed: 3000rpm.
Output type: cable (standart length 0.5 m)
Direction type: axial

For general factory automation applications

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