Eltra EL49P1024Z8/24P10V6PR0-5
Incremental encoder

Eltra EL49P1024Z8/24P10V6PR0-5
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Through hollow shaft optical incremental encoder.
Item Number: EL49P1024Z8/24P10V6PR0-5
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Through hollow shaft optical incremental encoder. Encoder size 49 mm. With zero pulse. Resolution: 1024 ppr.

Eltra EL-EF 49 C/P models is preferred for AC servo engines responsiveness systems. Models incorporate a conventional encoder incremental and the Hall effect phases (EH). This series is distinguished by its high temperature withstanding and interchangeable with resolver 19 size. Eltra EL is a traditional series with incremental exits. Multiple output types possible. EF models is a "Hall Effect Phase" optical production integrated to the base version.

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