Eltra EL58C1500S5/28P10S3PA2.T
Optical Shaft Encoder

Eltra EL58C1500S5/28P10S3PA2.T
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Item Number: EL58C1500S5/28P10S3PA2.T
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  • With solid shaft.
  • Mounting by 36 mm clamping flange.
  • PUSH-PULL electrical interface. 
  • Due to complementary transistor it is possible to use encoder with longer cable connections and optimal data trasmission even at high working speed.
  • Without zero pulse.
  • 10 mm shaft encoder (diameter).
  • Standard series for industrial applications. With hight radial and axial shaft load.
  • Material: stainless steel shaft, painted aluminium (or glass fiber reinforced) housing, aluminium bearing.

Industries demanding high precision in position sensing turn to the EL58C1500S5/28P10S3PA2.T Optical Solid Shaft Encoder for its exceptional accuracy. This encoder's advanced features and robust construction make it a trusted choice for applications where reliable position feedback is crucial. Its adaptability to various operating conditions ensures optimal performance, making it an ideal solution for industries prioritizing precision.


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