Eltra EL58C5000Z5L10X3JR
Incremental solid shaft encoder

Eltra EL58C5000Z5L10X3JR
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Standard solid shaft incremental encoder with Clamping flange.

With zero pulse.
Flange diam.: 36mm.
Encoder diam.: 58mm.
Resolution: 5000 ppr.
Power Supply: 5 VDC.
Protection rating: IP 54.
Interface: Line Driver.
Shaft diam.: 10mm.
Maximum rotation speed: 3000 rpm.
J connector output

Series with high radial shaft load for applications with high mechanical resistance requirements.

For applications requiring precision in motion control, the EL58C5000Z5L10X3JR Optical Solid Shaft Encoder stands out as a top-tier choice. This encoder's advanced technology and precision engineering make it a reliable solution for applications demanding accurate data feedback. Its versatility and adaptability to different operating conditions make it a preferred choice for industries with diverse needs.

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