Eltra EL63D1000Z5/28P10X3MR.162
Incremental solid shaft encoder

Eltra EL63D1000Z5/28P10X3MR.162
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Item Number: EL63D1000Z5/28P10X3MR.162
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Updated Model ▶▶ER63D1000Z5/28P10X6MR.162◀◀


  • Size: 63mm.
  • Centering square flange: 31,75 mm.
  • Resolution: 1000 ppr.
  • With zero pulse.
  • Power Supply: 5 ... 28 V DC.
  • Electronic interface: push pull
  • Shaft diameter: 10mm.
  • Enclosure rating: IP 54.
  • Rotation speed: 3000 rpm max.
  • Output type: MIL connector.
  • Radial direction type.

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