Eltra EL63G10000Z5/28P15X3PRO2+V.191
Optical Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoder

Eltra EL63G10000Z5/28P15X3PRO2+V.191
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Optical Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoder

Item Number: EL63G10000Z5/28P15X3PRO2+V.191
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  • With metal cover for heavy duty use.

  • With blind hollow shaft.

  • For use in applications where high mechanical resistance is important.

  • Mounting by torque pin.

  • PUSH-PULL electrical interface. 

  • Due to complementary transistor it is possible to use encoder with longer cable connections and optimal data trasmission even at high working speed.

  • With zero pulse.

  • 15 mm hollow bore encoder (diameter).

  • Can be used with high radial and axial shaft loads.

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