Eltra EL63PB180Z5/28P10X6PR0.2+M12
Optical Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoder

Eltra EL63PB180Z5/28P10X6PR0.2+M12
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Item Number: EL63PB180Z5/28P10X6PR0.2+M12
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  • 35 mm height encoder for small motors.

  • With through hollow shaft.

  • Mounting by anti-rotation pin.

  • Line driver electrical interface. It is perfect to use in cases when the encoder is far from the receiver system or in enviroments exposed to electrical disturbances. 

  • Disturbances are limited because of receiver and Data trasmiter work on two complementary channels.

  • With zero pulse.

  • 15 mm hollow bore encoder (diameter).

  • Shaft fixing by collar clamping.

  • Ball bearings from EN-AW 2011 aluminium. Glass fiber housing.

The EL63PB180Z5/28P10X6PR0.2+M12 optical hollow shaft incremental encoder is a benchmark of precision and reliability in industrial automation. With advanced technology and a carefully designed hollow shaft, this encoder ensures accurate position feedback for optimal machinery performance. Its adaptability allows seamless integration into diverse applications, contributing to enhanced efficiency and stability.

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