Eltra EL88P1024Z10/30L5V25X6PR Incremental hollow shaft encoder

Eltra EL88P1024Z10/30L5V25X6PR
Item Number: EL88P1024Z10/30L5V25X6PR

ELTRA EL88P1024Z10/30L5V25X6PR
Hollow shaft incremental encoders.
Motor Series.

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ELTRA EL88P1024Z10/30L5V25X6PR
Incremental encoders with through hollow shaft with spring.

Diameter: 88 mm.
Resol.: 1024 ppr.
Lline Driver.
Bore diam.: 25 mm.
Maximum speed of rotation: 6000 rpm.
cable with standard length 0,5 m.
Radial direction type.
Series is recommended for AC servomotor feedback systems.

Eltra EH-EL 88P is a model with hollow shaft. It is acceptable for medium-sized asynchronous motors. These encoders stand out by easy mounting, multiple outputs, sturdy mechanic. All equipment made by ELTRA has highest quality and is dependable. Excellent for scanning the rotary motion of actuators. This series excels with the permutability of the size 15 solver, making it easy to setup and mounting.


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