Eltra EL88P1024Z5/28P19X3PR7.947 Incremental hollow shaft encoder

Eltra EL88P1024Z5/28P19X3PR7.947
Item Number: EL88P1024Z5/28P19X3PR7.947

ELTRA EL88P1024Z5/28P19X3PR7.947
Hollow shaft incremental encoders.
Motor Series.

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ELTRA EL88P1024Z5/28P19X3PR7.947
Through hollow shaft incremental encoder.
Motor Series.

With spring
Diameter: 88 mm.
1024ppr Resolution.
Output Frequency: up to 105 kHz
Power supply: 5 - 28 V DC.
Output type for incremental signals: push-pull.
With zero pulse.
Bore diam.: 19mm.
Protection class: IP54.
Rotation speed: 3000rpm max.
Standard cable output with length 0,5 m.
Radial type.
Output Frequency: up to 105 kHz
Series is recommended for middle size asyncronous motors.

EH - EL 88 P is a model with through hollow shaft. It is suitable for medium-sized induction engines. These encoders are characterized by simple installation, multiple exits, sturdy mechanic. The ELTRA equipment is of superior quality and is dependable. Great for readout rotation of actuators. This series excels with the interchangeability of size 15 solver, which simplifies setup and mounting.


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