Eltra EMI55A1024Z5/28P8X10PR Incremental encoder

Eltra EMI55A1024Z5/28P8X10PR
Item Number: EMI55A1024Z5/28P8X10PR

Magnetic incremental kit encoder with fixing holes (diam. 48 mm)

Total price: 214.17
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Magnetic incremental kit encoder with fixing holes. Encoder size 55 mm.

Size: 48mm.
Resolution: 1024 ppr.
With zero pulse.
Power Supply: 5  - 28 V DC.
Electronic interface: push-pull.
Shaft diameter: 8mm.
Eencosure rating: IP 64.
Rotation speed: 10000 rpm max.
Radial cable output with standard length 0,5 m.

Series is is suitable for several application fields like electric motors, marine industry, iron and steel industry, textile machines, wood, paper, glass, marble working machinery and, more generally, automation and process control fields.


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