Eltra EMI56M2048Z5L8XXPR
Magnetic Incremental Encoder

Eltra EMI56M2048Z5L8XXPR

 Magnetic Incremental Encoder

Item Number: EMI56M2048Z5L8XXPR
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  • Compact non wireless encoder.

  • Wide temperature scale and high enclosure protection.

  • Fixing holes 48 mm diameter for easy mounting.

  • Kit encoder with fixing holes.

  • Push Pull electrical interface. It uses a complementary transistor. 

  • This gives the opportunity to increase frequency performances, such as longer cable connections and an optimal data trasmission even at high working speed.

  • With zero pulse.

  • 8 mm hollow bore.

  • Can be used in many different fields of application such as glass, papre, marble, wood working, textile machines, steel industry and others.

  • Housing from painted aluminium. Aluminium bearings and magnet actuator.


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