Eltra EML50A360X12/28V010X8X3PR
Absolute encoder

Eltra EML50A360X12/28V010X8X3PR
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Solid shaft magnetic singleturn absolute encoder.
Item Number: EML50A360X12/28V010X8X3PR
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Solid shaft magnetic singleturn absolute encoder.

Single-turn absolute encoders, designed with contact-less magnetic technology. This is a highly space-saving and flexible encoder with rugged construction, that can be simply mounted utilizing a variety of mechanical fasteners. The singleturn absolute encoder lets a precise encoding of the angular position of the shaft, to which the encoder is linked to, even when power is deleted. Magnetic rotary encoders are driven by magnetic poles, which are used to fixate the rotation angle of the shaft.

In the realm of precision measurement, the EML50A360X12/28V010X8X3PR Absolute Rotary Encoder excels with its advanced features and robust construction. This encoder goes beyond basic measurement, offering specialized capabilities for demanding industrial processes. Its ability to provide precise data in challenging environments makes it a top-tier solution for industries with unique operational requirements.


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