Eltra ER30E100S5/28P6X3PA2
Incremental solid shaft encoder

Eltra ER30E100S5/28P6X3PA2
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Incremental encoder with solid shaft.
Miniaturized version.

Item Number: ER30E100S5/28P6X3PA2
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Incremental encoder with solid shaft.
Miniaturized version.

Size: 30mm.
Type of flange: clamping, 15 mm.
Resolution: 100 ppr.
Without zero pulse.
Power Supply: 8...24 V DC.
Electronic interface: push pull.
Shaft diameter: 6mm.
Enclosure rating: IP 54
Rotation speed: 3000 rpm max.
Axial cable output.

Series is recommended where a minimal size is required.

The ER30E100S5/28P6X3PA2 solid shaft encoder sets a new standard for precision in industrial motion sensing. Engineered for optimal performance, this encoder delivers accurate position feedback with cutting-edge technology. Its solid shaft design ensures stability and longevity, making it a reliable choice for industries where precision is paramount. The ER30E100S5/28P6X3PA2 stands as a symbol of technological excellence, contributing to the seamless automation of industrial processes.


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