Eltra ER58C1000Z5L8X6PR
Incremental solid shaft encoder

Eltra ER58C1000Z5L8X6PR
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Item Number: ER58C1000Z5L8X6PR
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Incremental encoder with solid shaft.

Size: 58mm.
Fixing flange 36mm.
Resolution: 1000 ppr.
With zero pulse.
Power Supply: 5 V DC.
Electronic interface: line driver.
Shaft diameter: 8mm.
Enclosure rating: IP 54.
Rotation speed: 6000 rpm max.

Series for industrial applications with high mechanical resistance requirements.

The ER58C1000Z5L8X6PR Optical Solid Shaft Encoder is synonymous with accuracy and efficiency. Its compact design and advanced features make it a versatile solution for applications where space is a premium. This encoder excels in providing reliable data feedback, ensuring optimal performance in a wide range of applications.


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