Eltra ER63A10000S5/28L10X6MR
Incremental Encoder

Eltra ER63A10000S5/28L10X6MR
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Solid shaft incremental optical encoder with synchronous flange (31,75 mm). Standard series for industrial application. Encoder size 63 mm. 

Item Number: ER63A10000S5/28L10X6MR
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Solid shaft incremental encoder 

Size: 63 mm.
Solid shaft with synchronous flange (31,75 mm)
Resolution: 10000 ppr.
Without zero pulse.
Power supply: 5-28 V DC.
Electronic interface: line driver
Shaft diameter: 10 mm.
Enclosure rating: IP54.
Rotation speed(max.): 6000 rpm
Output type: radial MIL connector

Standard series for industrial application.

The ER63A10000S5/28L10X6MR optical solid shaft encoder is designed to meet the demands of industrial machinery, offering reliable position feedback for optimal control. With a focus on durability and precision, this encoder enhances the efficiency of machinery and automation systems. Its advanced features make it a valuable component in various industrial applications.

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