Eltra ER63D10000S5/28P10S3JR Incremental solid shaft encoder

Eltra ER63D10000S5/28P10S3JR
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Item Number: ER63D10000S5/28P10S3JR


63 mm encoder with solid shaft. Optical system

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Eltra Incremental encoder with solid shaft and optical technology.
It is designed to convert the angle of rotation or angular velocity into impulses. With one revolution of the shaft, the encoder produces a fixed number of pulses. This number of pulses is the resolution (number of pulses per revolution), a value that characterizes the accuracy of the encoder.
Eltra optical encoder is a displacement sensor based on an LED and an infrared receiving element, between which a disk rotates, divided into translucent and opaque zones.
ER63D is a robust encoder, that can support high radial and axial shaft load.


  • centering square flange diam. 31.75 mm
  • shaft diam.: 10 mm
  • encoder size: 63 mm
  • resolution: 10000 ppr
  • no zero pulse
  • voltage (V DC): 8 ... 24
  • interface: Push Pull
  • protection: IP66
  • max RPM: 3000
  • radial J connector


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