Eltra ER63E720S8/24PC10S3MR.710
Incremental solid shaft encoder

Eltra ER63E720S8/24PC10S3MR.710
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Item Number: ER63E720S8/24PC10S3MR.710
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Eltra Solid Shaft encoder with centering square flange.


  • Size: 63mm.
  • Centering square flange: 50 mm.
  • Resolution: 720 ppr.
  • Without zero pulse.
  • Power Supply: 8...24 V DC.
  • Electronic interface: push-pull protected (AEIC-7272)
  • Shaft diameter: 10mm.
  • Enclosure rating: IP 66.
  • Rotation speed: 3000 rpm max.
  • Radial MIL connector output.

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