Eltra ER63G400S5/28P15X3JR
Incremental hollow shaft encoder

Eltra ER63G400S5/28P15X3JR
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ELTRA ER63G400S5/28P15X3JR
Incremental encoder with hollow shaft.
Several output types available

Item Number: ER63G400S5/28P15X3JR
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ELTRA ER63G400S5/28P15X3JR
Incremental encoder with hollow shaft.
Several output types available.

Size: 63mm.
blind hollow shaft with anti-rotation pin
Resolution: 400 ppr.
without zero pulse.
Power Supply: 5 ... 28 V DC.
Electronic interface: push-pull
Bore diameter: 15mm.
Enclosure rating: IP 54
Rotation speed: 3000 rpm max
Radial JIS-C-5432 connector.

Series is recommended for for industrial applications with high mechanical resistance requirements.

The ER63G400S5/28P15X3JR optical hollow shaft incremental encoder stands out as a beacon of precision and reliability in industrial settings. With advanced technology and a hollow shaft design, this encoder ensures accurate position feedback, contributing to optimal performance in demanding environments. Its robust construction and high-quality components make it a trusted choice for various industrial setups. The focus on durability and longevity makes this encoder an essential component, enhancing the overall efficiency and stability of machinery.

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