Eltra ER721A1024Z5L14X6MR Incremental hollow shaft encoder

Eltra ER721A1024Z5L14X6MR
Item Number: ER721A1024Z5L14X6MR

ELTRA ER721A300Z8/24L10X6MR
Incremental hallow shaft encoder.

Total price: 572.40
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Series: ER721A.
Incremental hollow shaft encoder.

Size: 72mm.
Distance between holes on flange: 63,5 mm
Resolution: 1024 ppr.
Without zero pulse.
Power Supply: 5 V DC.
Enclosure rating: IP 54.
Electronic interface: line driver.
Shaft diameter: 14mm.
Rotation speed: 6000 rpm max.
Radial connector.
Series is recommended for industrial application with high mechanical resistance requiements.

Eltra EL - ER 72 A/B is the standard series of the Eltra encoder for manufacturing environments with high needs on mechanical requirements for resistance. Designed for immediate installation on engines or tachometric motors thanks to the integral elastic clutch that provides radial and axial motor spindle. These products are designed to withstand high radial and axial shaft loads and can be installed via flanges or ervo wall mounts.


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