Eltra ER721A360Z5/28P10X6MR
Incremental Encoder

Eltra ER721A360Z5/28P10X6MR
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Incremental hollow shaft encoder for industrial environments with high mechanical resistance requirements.

Item Number: ER721A360Z5/28P10X6MR
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Blind hollow shaft incremental encoder

Size: 72 mm.
Distance between holes on flange: 63,5 mm
Resolution: 360 ppr.
With zero pulse.
Power supply: 5-28 V DC.
Electronic interface: push-pull
Bore diameter: 10 mm.
Enclosure rating: IP54.
Rotation speed(max.): 6000 rpm
Output type: radial MIL connector

Standard series for industrial environments with high mechanical resistance requirements.

The ER721A360Z5/28P10X6MR optical hollow shaft incremental encoder stands out as a beacon of precision and reliability in industrial automation. With advanced technology and a carefully designed hollow shaft, this encoder delivers accurate position feedback for optimal machinery performance. Its versatility allows seamless integration into diverse applications, contributing to enhanced efficiency and stability. The trusted choice for industries where precision is paramount, making it an indispensable component for the seamless operation of machinery.

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