Eltra ER722B900S5/28P10X6MR Incremental hollow shaft encoder

Eltra ER722B900S5/28P10X6MR
Item Number: ER722B900S5/28P10X6MR

ELTRA ER722B900S5/28P10X6MR.
Incremental hollow shaft encoder.

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ELTRA ER722B900S5/28P10X6MR.
Blind hollow shaft Incremental encoder.

Encoder Size: 72 mm.
Fixing holes diameter: 65 mm
Flange type: B.
900 ppr Resolution.
Power Supply: 5 - 28 V DC.
Without zero pulse.
10mm bore diameter.
Enclosure class: IP 54.
Rotation speed max: 6000 rpm.
Radial M connector output.
Frequency: 500 kHz
Series is recommended for industrial application.</p

EL-ER 72 is the standard models of the Eltra encoder for industrial environments with high needs on power-driven resistance requirements. Particularly designed for direct mounting on motors or tachometric dynamos thanks to an integrated flexible coupling which provides radial and axial engine spindle. EL-ER 72 encoders are designed to withstand high axial and radial shaft loads and can be installed via flanges or wall-mounted servo actuators.


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