Eltra ER723B500S5/28P10X6MR
Optical Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoder

Eltra ER723B500S5/28P10X6MR
Item Number: ER723B500S5/28P10X6MR
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  • Motor encoder with high mechanical robustness.

  • With blind hollow shaft. Flange type A.

  • Designed for assembly directly on motor ar tachometric dynamos.

  • Mounting by 57 mm fixing holes.

  • Push Pull encoder output. 

  • Due to complementary transistor it is possible to use encoder with longer cable connections and optimal data trasmission even at high working speed.

  • Without zero pulse.

  • 10 mm hollow bore encoder (diameter).

  • Available with additional metal cover for harsh environments.

  • Encoder equipped with elastic coupling for axial and radial shaft play.

The ER723B500S5/28P10X6MR optical hollow shaft incremental encoder is synonymous with precision and reliability in industrial automation. With advanced technology and a meticulously designed hollow shaft, this encoder provides accurate position feedback, ensuring optimal performance in various applications. Its versatility allows seamless integration into different machinery setups, contributing to enhanced efficiency and stability. The reliable choice for industries where precision is crucial, making it an essential component for the seamless operation of machinery.


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