Eltra ERA200C8/24P6P
Linear incremental encoders

Eltra ERA200C8/24P6P
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  • 200 mm working stroke.

  • 0,2 mm Resolution.

  • Central zero index.

  • Electronic interface: push-pull.

  • Fixing Hole Diametre: 6mm.

  • Radial cable output.

  • Power Supply: 8 ... 24 V DC.

  • Up to 1 m/s travel speed.

The ERA200C8/24P6P incremental linear encoder is a technological marvel, offering a perfect balance of precision and versatility. Designed to cater to diverse industrial applications, this encoder ensures accurate position feedback with uncompromising reliability. Its compact form factor and robust construction make it an ideal choice for machinery where space is a premium, without sacrificing on performance. The ERA200C8/24P6P is a valuable asset in industries requiring meticulous position control, contributing to the seamless operation and efficiency of various processes.

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