Eltra ETMA1Z5/28LSPR3
Magnetic incremental encoder

Eltra ETMA1Z5/28LSPR3

Magnetic Incremental linear sensor. Resolution 0,1 mm.

Item Number: ETMA1Z5/28LSPR3
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Magnetic Incremental linear sensor. Resolution 0,1 mm. With zero pulse.

Positioned at the forefront of industrial innovation, the ETMA1Z5/28LSPR3 incremental linear encoder stands out for its precision and adaptability. Engineered to meet the dynamic needs of modern manufacturing, this encoder provides accurate position feedback in a compact and durable package. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly integrate into diverse industrial setups, ensuring precise control for enhanced operational efficiency. The ETMA1Z5/28LSPR3 is a reliable companion in applications where precision and resilience are crucial, playing a pivotal role in optimizing industrial processes.


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