Eltra ETMR128S5/28P28S8PR2,5
Magnetic Incremental Encoder

Eltra ETMR128S5/28P28S8PR2,5
Item Number: ETMR128S5/28P28S8PR2,5
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  • Non contact ring magnetic encoder. High protection level (IP67) and resistance to vibrations.

  • With through hollow shaft.

  • Compact size with 11 mm thickness.

  • Through hollow ring mounting.

  • Encoder Push Pull . It uses a complementary transistor. 

  • This gives the opportunity to increase frequency performances, such as longer cable connections and an optimal data trasmission even at high working speed.

  • Without zero pulse.

  • Big hollow bore 28 mm diameter.

  • Excellent solution for use in harsh environments.

  • Anodized aluminium sensor body and stainless steel magnet actuator.

The ETMR128S5/28P28S8PR2.5 Magnetic Incremental Encoder is engineered for precise motion control in industrial automation. With its magnetic sensing technology, it delivers accurate position feedback, contributing to improved system efficiency. The compact design and high resolution make it suitable for applications where space is limited, while its resistance to contamination ensures consistent performance in challenging environments. This encoder is an excellent choice for tasks demanding both precision and durability.


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