Eltra FE4000A-EH30 Rope encoder

Eltra FE4000A-EH30
Item Number: FE4000A-EH30

Rope encoder for linear measures.

Total price: 1350.00
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Rope encoder for linear measures with Dyneema rope.


  • Eltra Trade Manager
    23.02.2021, 17:33
    Hello, Jim Mulligan!
    Unfortunately, our company doesn't repair used equipment. We can send you a new model or a new rope if we have it.
  • Jim Mulligan
    08.02.2021, 06:39
    The rope has broken in our FE4000A-EH30, SN 2452403-L1.1-01. Can the rope be replaced by someone in Australia?

    Thanks :)

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