Eltra RH200/100Z5/28P8X3PR1,5
Encoder Measuring Wheel

Eltra RH200/100Z5/28P8X3PR1,5
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Item Number: RH200/100Z5/28P8X3PR1,5
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  • 200 mm measuring wheel without wheel.

  • NPN electrical interface. 

  • It consists of pull-up resistor and NPN transistor. 

  • Used to match the output voltage to the power supply when the transistor is off.

  • Without zero pulse.

  • 8 mm shaft encoder (diameter).

The RH200/100Z5/28P8X3PR1,5 Absolute Rotary Encoder is a high-performance solution designed for precision control in industrial automation. With a resolution tailored for accuracy, it ensures reliable position feedback, contributing to improved efficiency. Its robust design makes it suitable for challenging environments, providing consistent and accurate performance for precision control systems.


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