EMOTRON MSF 085 Soft starter MSF

Item Number: MSF 085

Emotron MSF085. Softastarter for motors of 45 KW.

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The full functional devices of the soft starting of Emotron MSF 085 are intended to work with motors of 45 KW. Protection functions of MSF 085are the overheating of the motor/soft starter, overload/underload of the mechanism (mechanical part), the imbalance of phase, overvoltage, voltage drop, jamming of the rotor, a large number of starts per hour and phase loss at the  and  the input.

Technical specifications Emotron MSF 085:
- current of the device: 96A;
- power (3x400V): 45 KW;
- power (3x690V): 45 KW;
- loss at rated motor load: 290 W;
- the power consumed by the control Board: 25
- protection rate: IP20;
- installation position: vertical and horizontal;
- sizes: 320x126x260;
- weight: 6,9 kg;
- the number of fully controlled phases: 3.


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