VFX 2.0


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General specification:

VFX 2.0 VFX48-031-54CE is series of universal industrial drives made in metal case. The special innovative technology DTC (Direct Torque Control) allows to use VFX 2.0 Drives for control of high-dynamic mechanisms, to maintain a high peak torque at low speeds and provide instant, yet soft starting and stopping.
All Emotron Drives have high performance and comply with international standards.

The main characteristics of VFX48-031-54CE:
Max. output current (Inom): 46A;
Normal operation (120% , 1 min every 10 min):
 - Nnom: 15 kW;
 - Inom: 31A;
Heavy load (150% , 1 min every 10 min):
 - Nnom: 11 kW;
 - Inom: 25 A;
Case Type: C;
Voltage: 380-480  +10% /-15%;
Efficiency at nominal load: 98%;
Protection Class: IP54;
Weight: 24;
Sizes: 512 х 178 х 292 mm;
Standard switching frequency: 3 kHz (the range 1.5-6 kHz);
Network frequency: 50/60 Hz;
Output frequency: 0-400 Hz;
Cooling: forced automatic.
Relative humidity: 0-90% (non-condensing);
Atmospheric pressure: 86-106 kPa;