Endress+Hauser 5BH04-A00A1AB041B3
Flowmeter Dosimag

Endress+Hauser 5BH04-A00A1AB041B3

Flowmeter Dosimag

Item Number: 5BH04-A00A1AB041B3
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Varieties and scopes of use:

  • temperature sensors. Many technological processes require temperature control. Temperature sensors are used in thermal power engineering, metallurgical and chemical industries;

  • pressure - are used in automated systems of all industries. For measurements, mechanical elements, thermal and electrical systems are used;

  • flow meters - the main consumers of these industrial sensors are the energy and oil and gas industries, metallurgy, petrochemistry. We offer electromagnetic, coriolis, ultrasonic, vortex, thermal mass, electronic models;

  • level - they are used to determine the level of different types of liquid, gaseous, bulk products and materials in tanks and pipelines. They are installed directly in the housing or above the object of measurement.


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