Endress+Hauser Orbisint CPS12
Analog ORP sensor

Endress+Hauser Orbisint CPS12
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Liquid PH and ORP analysis sensor

Measurement range

-1500 mV to +1500 mV

Process temperature

max. 135В°C (274В°F)

Process pressure

max. 16bar (230psi)

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The liquid analyzer Endress Hauser Orbisint is a versatile sensor for measuring OPV in various processes and media.

The device implements reliable and exact measurements even in very dangerous zones. It was originally designed to reduce maintenance effort and increase the service life of this kind of sensors.

Characterized by an excellent combination of quality and price.

CPS12 main advantages and characteristics:

  • Due to the presence of a large dirt-repellent diaphragm, the sensor has a long diffusion path of electrical poison and little maintenance required.
  • Performs well in aggressive environments: the glass electrode is resistant to pressure up to 16 bar.
  • Long-term monitoring and monitoring of the limit value in the process (power plants, chemical or pulp and paper industry).
  • Wide use of devices in the fields of water treatment (cooling, drinking, artesian water).
  • Measurement range: - 1500mV - +1500mV.
  • Dimensions: diameter – 12mm, length – from 120 to 425mm.
  • Temperature: up to 135°C.
  • Pressure: up to 16bar.

Glass electrode for standard applications.

Measuring principle

Sensor ORP / Redox


Standard applications in process and environment. Long-term monitoring, processes with little changes.


Very robust, heavy-duty / high pressure, integrated potential matching.

Measurement range

-1500 mV to +1500 mV

Measuring principle

Gel compact electrode with teflon diaphragm and double gel reference
Measuring part as gold-pin or platinum-ring.


All shaft lengths with temperature sensor
Advanced gel technology


Glass electrode with PTFE diaphragm and gold pin or platinum ring.


Diameter: 12 mm (0.46 inch)
Shaft lengths: 120, 225, 360 and 425 mm
(4.68, 8.77, 14.04 and 16,57 inch)

Process temperature

max. 135В°C (274В°F)

Process pressure

max. 16bar (230psi)

Ex certification

Simple operational device, no certification necessary.


TOP68 connection head

Ingres protection


Additional certifications

Biocompatibility acc. ISO 10993-5 and USP (current version).
TГњV certificate for pressure resistance with min. triple overpressure safety.


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