IFM Electronic AC1253 PSU-3AC/ASi-8A

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IFM Electronic AC1253 PSU-3AC/ASi-8A
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Power supply AC1253  PSU-3AC/ASi-8A was created for work in different industrial modules, sensors and actuators. It has a very reliable design.
  • Reliable power source for modules, sensors and actuators
  • High resistance to interference and sufficient power reserves to compensate for current peaks
  • Safe separation of obstacles from the primary source
  • compact design
  • Low control cabinet heating due to high efficiency
Nominal voltage:3 x 400 AC V
Housing materials:steel sheet
Efficiency:92 (400 V AC, 50 Hz) / 92.1 (480 V AC, 60 Hz) %
Protection:IP 20
Nominal frequency:50 / 60 Hz
Product Name:AC1253
Function display:LED green (indication AS-i voltage)
Connection:screw terminals
Ambient temperature:-25...70, observe the free space for convection (see operating instructions) °C
Application:AS-i system voltage for masters, sensors, actuators and modules
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