IFM Electronic AC2046
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IFM Electronic AC2046
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AS-i AirBox, AS-i interface to FC lower parts, 2 inputs / 1 output NO/NC selectable (monostable), Connection to the pneumatic system by tube fittings, 1 x 2 or 2 x 1 digital inputs, Sockets M12 x 1, 1 pneumatic output (NO/NC selectable)
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Sensor supply:AS-i
Voltage range:20...30 DC V
Electrical design:2 inputs / 1 output NO/NC selectable (monostable)
Connection:contact pins on FC or SC lower module
Operation:LED green
Output function:integrated exhaust
Protection:IP 65
Shortcode:AirBox 2DI 1PO M12
Operating pressure range:3...8 [bar]
Housing materials:PBT
Function display:LED yellow
Operating voltage:26.5...31.6 V DC
Total current consumption from AS-i:< 165 mA
Pneumatic system:one 4/2-way seat valve
Ambient temperature:0...55, use below 0 °C possible with a special compressed air treatment °C
Product Name:AC2046

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